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A live speaker series focused on meaningful, intelligent, and interactive conversations on hockey. Think TED Talks on Ice.

The Puck Talks Podcast

Uncensored Hockey Talk with Spencer and Zack. Educating, entertaining and laughs, you can find it all on the Puck Talks podcast.

Who is ready for an all new #pucktalks? We have exciting news!!! Not only do we have one show we have two in a row coming up! Join us June 27th & 28th!! Tickets & more info;
#hockey #NHL

We know it is summer but we still have #hockey on our minds! Join us at our upcoming #pucktalks festival on June 27th & 28th! Tickets & more info;
Photo: @MathewTsang
#hockey #Toronto #NHL

We are a week away! Come join our 2nd annual #pucktalks festival!! Tickets & more info;
Photo: @MathewTsang
#Toronto #NHL #hockey

We'll be talking about Notre Dame football, or so my agent has promised me.

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